Central City Concern Discovery Survey

Every Voice Counts.

Discovery Overview

In partnership with Portland’s Central City Concern, we are inviting Mental Health & Behavioral Health experts to share thoughts and perspectives in a  20-30min  industry-based survey. These responses, along with a Community Café virtual discussion will provide a more inclusive and diverse perspective that will be essential to the development of future hiring, retention, and recruitment efforts. All responses will be synthesized in aggregate to ensure confidentiality and protect individual identities.

For your time, we offer you a $100 Gift card of your options provided. This is an invitation survey only. If you are interested in learning more and/or taking this survey, please register below.

This survey is empowered by and in partnership with KeithDempseyCounseling.com

Survey Closes Monday August 1st (9pm pst / 12am est)

The Voices We need


Current Students

Students currently in school in Mental Health / Behavioral Health degree programs


Aspiring Professionals

Recent graduates searching for career opportunities in Mental Health / Behavioral Health field


Current Professionals

Current professionals who are either employed, unemployed, or independent

Survey Structure

Social work, Mental Health, & Behavioral Health Based

This survey is designed to enhance cultural awareness and representation in the hiring opportunities / practices for Mental and Behavioral Health Counselors & Reentry job families.

Familiarity with Central City Concern & Pacific Northwest

This survey will help educate and inform Central City Concern's awareness on the impact of their work / reach. As well as culminate the diverse perceptions of Portland and the communities within.

Work Culture, preferences, & Career expectations

Lastly, this survey will help produce a holistic view and approach to introducing, identifying, and investing in diverse Mental Health & Behavioral professionals across the country.

Community Café

Monday August 8th, 1pm pst / 4pm est

Community Cafés are a guided conversations using the World Cafe model. Participants use carefully structured questions to guide meaningful conversations, allowing individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage in discussions that increase community wisdom and impact local systems. 

Each Cafe produces a Harvest report that captures the discussion and serves as a tool to facilitate communication within and between communities. By collecting and synthesizing Cafe Harvests, community-level perspectives, concerns, and goals can be shared with Central City Concern’s leaders to infuse policies that represent authentic professional voices. Community Café is empowered by and in partnership with FC Hurdle Consulting.

Central City Concern Is Hiring!

Central City Concern (CCC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center and provides services at multiple locations. Our providers meet our patients where they are, offering judgment-free treatment and support.

Recent Participants Feedback

"That was an intentional survey. I actually enjoyed it. The hard part was choosing which giftcard I wanted."
Los Angeles, California
"It got straight to the point, which was great. I learned quite a bit while sharing my feedback. It was a real solid survey."
Portland, Oregon
"That was pretty fun actually. I was able to paint my perspectives and honest feedback. The $100 giftcard is a super bonus!"
Portland, Oregon


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